lunes, 24 de mayo de 2010

That is the cardboard?

Cardboard is a material made up of several superimposed layers of paper, based on virgin fiber or recycled paper. The cardboard is thicker, harder and stronger than paper.Some types of cardboard are used to make packaging and containers, basically boxes of various kinds.


A common in any household waste in large amounts is cardboard. Most products come in boxes that are easily usable or recyclable, representing a great benefit to the environment.

Each ton of recycled cardboard represents a saving of two cubic meters of landfill, 140 liters of oil, 50,000 gallons of water and emission of 900 kilos of carbon dioxide.

Carton manufacturers are paying attention to issues related to health, environment and legislation on disposable packaging. For this reason, seek to develop renewable resources throughout the material demanded. In many countries it is mandatory that the board is prepared totally or partially from recycled materials.

Take the cardboard

Large and heavy boxes can be lined and used to place children's toys, they also can customize cartapesta painting them or making recycled paper, so have a fun activity to do together.

When a box is still usable is important for reuse without giving us a new box in place to buy.

Recycling cardboard

When we are pieces of cardboard, broken boxes, wrappings, etc ... is indicated accumulate and then take it to a collection site for paper and cardboard into disuse, a process which made recycled and new materials of cardboard.

Steps of recycling:

• Stage 1: Collection and processing
• Stage 2: production and processing

• Step 3: Purchase of recycled products